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Cristina Schek

  One of the Creative People and Places partners, The Cultural Spring has just launched an amazing project called Inventors, which has really captured people’s imagination. They invited artist and designer Dominic Wilcox back to his home town of Sunderland to ask over 450 children across the city and in nearby South Tyneside to draw their own invention ideas. He then asked local makers and manufacturers to make a selection of them into real things, which have now gone on sale in a pop up shop in the town. It’s not unlike the Toy’s Own Studio concept I wrote about a few weeks ago.

There's a brilliantly bonkers invention called The Paint Splatta Baby Sleeper, which I love. It's been invented by two 10 year-old boys called Morgan and Shaun and made by Dave Park of Fibre Style. According to Morgan and Shaun 'you insert the baby in the pouch and attach the paint splatter blanket onto the wall and your baby sleeps on the wall'.