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Cristina Schek

I went to my first supper club last night. It was organised by Nyborg North London, a collaboration between a cook called Sara Nyborg (who used to run a wonderful café in Muswell Hill that served the most amazing cinnamon buns) and Lucy Welsh of North London Vintage Market.

The evening was based on the Scandinavian concept of Hygge – which loosely means the feeling you get from a cosy evening with friends enjoying good food and wine. And it was exactly that! We all gathered in the Muswell Hill Bowling club – which is a surprisingly cosy hidden gem of a space - and merrily tucked in to a mouth-watering Scandinavian feast.This was the menu:

Aperitif: pink negroni and rosemary popcorn

Starter: beetroot carpaccio with soft goat's cheese, pink apple, rye bread croutons, blackcurrant vinaigrette and fresh herbs

Main: salmon en papilotte with harissa and courgette and carrot 'spaghetti'

Cheese: Wildes blue not blue cheese with last years’ date and apple chutney and caveman cracker

Dessert: white chocolate and liquorice pudding with cherry and port jelly