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Funfair Fantasy

Cristina Schek

I was so excited to get an email about a book two of my musician friends have made and launched, Funfair Fantasy. It’s a book of piano music for children, but with a twist! It has a narrative – a night time funfair adventure – and the pieces can be performed individually or as a set to tell the complete story. My brilliant friends have written the music, written the story and illustrated it – oh and designed, type-set, published, promoted and set up an Amazon page for it…

This got me thinking about the publishing world and how things have changed. Back in the day, a publisher would have taken on something like this, but more and more people are now having to self-publish and manage every single element of the process themselves. But there’s also a wonderful freedom to this - and in the case of my friends, they’ve been able to create something that is truly their artistic vision.