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Cristina Schek

For the past few years I’ve been creating an Advent calendar on Facebook, which has simply involved posting a different festive image each day of Advent. My calendars have become a bit of a tradition and are very popular among my friends – one friend even suggested I should do a print version one year - food for thought! 

This year’s calendar has had a distinctly crafty feel with images of paper decorations, handmade textile creatures and various illustrations in the line-up. I love choosing the pictures and seeing how many ‘likes’ I get each day. 

I used to love having an Advent calendar when I was a child. The thrill of opening a new window to reveal the day’s image – and of course the inevitable argument with my brother about whose turn it was to do so! I have to say I have never understood the appeal of a chocolate version. Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate, but if I’m honest, I love pictures more! And the simplicity of a traditional Advent calendar is really appealing and far more festive.

The last image in my 2015 calendar was taken from the talented designer Sanna Annukka’s illustrations for a new edition of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen, published recently by Random House.