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The Rodd

Cristina Schek

Last week I took some journalists to The Rodd in Herefordshire – home of the Sidney Nolan Trust - for a sneak preview of Sidney Nolan’s studio before it opened to the public for the first time. When Nolan died in 1992, his wife Mary simply covered the benches in plastic and the space has been undisturbed ever since. The studio an extraordinary record of his use of materials and processes and one can spend a long time in there looking at all the fascinating bits and pieces.

The Rodd is a magical place, it was my second visit and I once again came away feeling completely inspired and revived! This photo shows Nolan’s favourite view. Apparently he would walk up to this spot every morning with a cup of coffee and spend some time taking it in. What a way to start each day.

Studio image courtesy of Alex Ramsay and the Sidney Nolan Trust